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News on the Canine Cloud

Considerations when choosing a bed for your senior, arthritic, or disabled pet

Considerations when choosing a bed for your senior, arthritic, or disabled pet

When we first launched our Canine Cloud pet bed back in June 2018, we didn't really concentrate on identifying our ideal customer or target market. Rather, we focused on creating the most comfortable pet bed/lounger possible, manufactured here in the United States, using high-quality materials. All we knew is that our early dog and cat testers LOVED their Canine Cloud for its super soft fabric and understuffed construction. These features enable them to burrow and move their bedding around as if making a nest (you know, that adorable little dance dogs do when they turn in circles and paw at their beds before plopping down for a good night's rest?).

Little did we know at the time that our Canine Cloud's design caters to the special needs of senior, arthritic, and disabled pets, too. Through involvement with our charity partner, Dharma Rescue, and some of their supporters who have since become customers, we have learned more about why the Cloud is ideal for these amazing pets...

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs “Root” or Arrange their Bedding

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Ever wonder why your dog sometimes paws or scratches at his bedding? Or turns in circles before settling down for a nap?  

Assuming no underlying medical issues, here are some possible reasons for the behavior: