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Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs “Root” or Arrange their Bedding

Ever wonder why your dog sometimes paws or scratches at his bedding? Or turns in circles before settling down for a nap?  

Assuming no underlying medical issues, here are some possible reasons for the behavior:

  1. Instincts: Your dog’s wild ancestors may have scratched at piles of leaves, dirt, or pine needles to create a comfy and cozy mound of bedding.  His ancestors also circled and kicked up their sleeping area in high grasses or leaves to create a disturbance to drive out any concealed snakes, rodents, or insects.  
  1. Claiming Territory: By rearranging their bedding, both male and female dogs attempt to mark their territory.  Circling the area and flattening it leaves a visible sign to others that this territory has been claimed.  Dogs also leave behind a distinct scent when scratching at something.  Their paw pads are one of the few surface areas that have sweat glands.  Dog paws contain scent glands as well.  For this same reason, dogs often scratch at dirt after eliminating to leave behind pheromones for other dogs to detect. 
  1. Temperature Regulation: In nature, digging functions as a method of extreme temperature control.  Given their limited sweat glands, when it is very hot outside, dogs may dig nests or holes in the dirt to expose a greater surface area of their bodies to cool earth.  In cold weather, curling up helps concentrate available body heat.

How does all of this behavior relate to the Canine Cloud®?  We designed the Cloud with a dog’s instincts in mind. 

During our research, we found that most pet beds and loungers are overstuffed with compact and low-cost fiberfill.  The Canine Cloud® is intentionally understuffed with a distinctive and quality blend of polyester fiberfill, which enables your pet to rearrange it to find their perfect comfort level. 

Let your dog be the judge…every pet guardian who has tried the Cloud reports that it quickly becomes a dog’s favorite lounger/bed!


  • My 2 year old American Bulldog shuffles, kicks, goes in circle like a mad man biting at it but not being aggressive. But he doesnt lay anywhere near the blanket he worked so hard to get it just right, Its funny cute but at same time I wonder why he doesn’t sleep on the blanket. Why ??

  • Thanks for the informative blog. Very interesting. The understuffed concept is brilliant. My dogs love being able to rearrange their Canine Clouds and burrow.

    Lily Arutunian

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