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Our Story

Annie and Bella on Canine Cloud

Family dogs Annie and Bella testing early samples of the Canine Cloud®

The Canine Cloud® was born out of observation and necessity.  One of our family poodles, Bella, inspired its creation.  Despite access to many pet beds at various price points, Bella consistently nudged blankets, sheets, and pillows to devise her own sleeping area.

We searched Beverly Hills boutiques and big box stores alike to discover what makes the perfect sleeping surface for pets.  We found that even luxury pet beds are often overstuffed with dense and inexpensive fiberfill.  Some of our supply chain partners couldn't understand our precise specifications on stuffing and fabric, claiming, "But it's for a dog."  Exactly!

Most dogs exhibit a natural inclination to burrow and move their bedding around.  The Canine Cloud® meets their needs.  Our pet lounger/bed is made from some of the finest plush fabrics used for newborn baby blankets.  It is slightly understuffed with a unique blend of soft, high-quality fiberfill so that pets can redistribute it to find their perfect comfort level.

After extensive testing with numerous dogs and cats, we are proud to offer you our premium lounger/bed manufactured here in the United States.  We hope that your pets enjoy the Canine Cloud® as much as Bella, Annie, and our supporters!