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Sand Canine Cloud®
Sand Canine Cloud® Pet Lounger
Sand Canine Cloud® Pet Lounger
Sand Canine Cloud® Pet Lounger
Sand Canine Cloud® Pet Lounger

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Sand Canine Cloud®

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Our Sand collection displays neutral tones in a beautiful and plush pattern.

"I run a pet sitting business out of my home, where I care for numerous dogs at one time.  Even though they have many bed choices, there is always competition for the Canine Cloud, which is hands-down their favorite spot to rest."

–Linda J. ★★★★★


When determining which size to order, note that some pets enjoy stretching out and prefer the larger lounger/bed.  Please keep your pet's preferences in mind, along with the following guidelines when ordering:

  • Small (24" in diameter):  Suggested for pets weighing up to 6 lbs.
  • Medium (34" in diameter):  Suggested for pets weighing 7-15 lbs.
  • Large (44" in diameter):  Suggested for pets weighing 16-30 lbs.

    We do not recommend the Canine Cloud® for animals weighing over 30 lbs.  It may not withstand wear and tear beyond these recommendations and is not appropriate for dogs who excessively dig or chew.  Usage outside of these guidelines will void the one-year limited warranty.  Please see our Returns & Warranty page for further details.


    Completely washable and made of 100% new polyester.  Please see the Care Instructions.  Proudly manufactured in the United States.